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One of the largest paintball facilities in New Jersey

1,000+ player capacity

50+ acres

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Are you searching for the ultimate destination to host your paintball events in New Jersey? Look no further! Pinnacle Paintball Park offers an unparalleled experience that combines adrenaline-pumping action with top-notch facilities. Discover why planning your paintball events in New Jersey with us ensures an unforgettable and thrilling adventure for every participant.


15+ Playing Fields

Pinnacle Paintball Park is one of the largest paintball facilities in New Jersey and the surrounding Northeast.
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1,000+ Player Capacity

Book a private group or join our epic open play sessions as a walk-on, the choice is yours!


50+ Acres in Malaga, NJ

Conveniently located just 30 minutes South of Philly in Malaga, NJ.  Click for Proshop & Park hours
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Are you looking for a place that hosts the best paintball events in New Jersey?

Why Plan Paintball Events with Us in New Jersey?

In indoor paintball in New Jersey, we stand as the premier choice for hosting your paintball events. Our expansive grounds provide the perfect canvas for intense battles and strategic maneuvers. With a commitment to delivering the best paintball experience, our state-of-the-art facilities, and professionally designed fields create an atmosphere that guarantees an adrenaline rush like no other.

When it comes to paintball events, variety is key. At our paintball field in New Jersey, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of themed fields, each uniquely designed to cater to diverse play styles. Whether you’re a tactical strategist or a speed demon, our fields ensure that every moment is packed with excitement, making your paintball events truly exceptional.

When it comes to paintball birthday parties, safety is always the top priority. Our experienced staff is dedicated to creating a secure environment for all participants during your paintball events. Equipped with the latest safety gear and following strict protocols, you can enjoy the thrill of the game with confidence. Additionally, our comfortable amenities and player-friendly facilities make Pinnacle the ideal choice for hosting paintball events in New Jersey. Find any other upcoming events that may suit your entertainment needs.

Organize Paintball Events in New Jersey with Us

Take advantage of the opportunity to elevate your paintball events to new heights. Our experts are always ready to host your group for an action-packed day filled with camaraderie, strategy, and, most importantly, fun. Contact us today to reserve your spot and ensure that your paintball events in New Jersey are nothing short of extraordinary.


Saturdays & Sundays: 9am – 4pm
Weekdays by Reservation Only

Weds, Thurs & Fri: 11am – 8pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 5pm



Call: (856) 442-0812
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750 Delsea Drive
Malaga, NJ 08328