Rules and Regulations


RIFLEMAN / Pistol: 1.5J 0 MED* @ SEMI ONLY

Light Machine Gun [LMG]: 1.5J 75ft MED* @ FULL AUTO

DMR: 1.6J 75ft MED* @ SEMI ONLY (7.62 or greater magazine size. Semi-Locked)


*MED (Minimum Engagement Distance) is the closest distance you can be when firing at another player.


Zero Tolerance:

We have a very strict Zero Tolerance Policy when it comes to unsafe or illegal actions. Breaking a Zero Tolerance Rule can result in the player being banned from our field and future events. It can also result in local law enforcement being called.  
Zero Tolerance Rules are:
  1. No illegal drugs of any kind.
  2. No Alcohol consumption before or during games/events. 
  3. Theft. 
  4. Damage of any kind to the field (i.e.: graffiti, littering, etc.) 
  5. No cursing, vulgar language, or swearing at other players or staff in a degrading way.
  6. Any aggressive physical contact with another player or staff. 
  7. Disrespect of any kind towards other players, field/event staff. 
  8. No REAL Knives are allowed on the playing fields – excluding staff working that day.  
  9. Barrel Bags must be on at all times in the safe zone.
  10. All guns are required to have a factory trigger guard and safety. (Field management can determine guns eligibility and makes all final decisions.)

Red Rag/Dead Rag:

This is NOT a mandatory item 
A Red Rag is any cloth material RED in Color NO smaller than 12-inches by 12- inches in size. Red Rags symbolize that a player is not in play and is to be  treated as if they are not alive. Once a player is out of play (hit, observing, etc.)  they are to immediately secure a Red Rag on their head or hold it up which  symbolizes that they are not a target/objective. We have Red Dead Rags  available for purchase in the pro shop for $3.00

Safe Zone:

The Safe Zone is exactly that, a Safe Zone. While in the safe zone players may remove their goggles, rest, perform any needed repairs or address any other issues at hand,  etc. 
At NO time is firing your airsoft weapon in, at, or out of the safe zone  acceptable. This includes test firing or dry firing your weapon. If you must do so, you  are to go to the designated firing area, which is the chrono station. Any player caught firing into the safe zone from the field of play will be escorted off the premises for the day.  
  1. The fields and the chrono area are the only place a player is to have their Airsoft weapon loaded with a magazine.  
  2. Airsoft Rifles must have the magazines removed and cleared of any remaining BBs in the gun before entering the safe zone.  
  3. If a pistol is not holstered then the magazine will need to be removed and also cleared of any remaining bb’s before entering the safe zone  
  4. All weapons need to have triggers in safe mode, and barrel cover on.  
  5. If a player shoots in the Safe Zone they will be escorted off the premises for the day.  

Round Per Second Limits:

When it comes to airsoft, here are our round-per-second limits at our paintball field in New Jersey:

  1. Semi automatic only on all weapons which is for Safety Reasons. 
  2. NO Full Auto is to be used (Exception only being Full Auto games organized by the refs and agreed on by all players beforehand)
  3. When Full Auto games are allowed, guns MUST shoot below 20 RPS.
  4. Sniper Rifles must follow 100 ft minimum engagement rule

ALL HPA Systems must have tournament lock

  1. NO bbs over .40g will be allowed.  
  2. Any 8mm Airsoft will need prior approval before use.  
  3. If your gun exceeds the FPS Limit allowed you will not be able to use it.

Eye Protection:

Your goggles must meet below standards or you will not be able to use them.
  1. Full-Seal goggles ONLY. NO EXCEPTIONS. No shooting glasses, shop  glasses, etc.  
  2. A Full Seal consists of a rubber or foam seal that conforms to the  features of the player‘s face.  
  3. ANSI Z87.1 Rated lenses, ASTM Standards OR stamped steel mesh that  is 20 gauge or thicker.  
  4. Full-face protection is required.   
  5. Full Face Protection is defined as a rigid metal or plastic mask which  covers cheeks, chin, nose and mouth.  
  6. Referee reserves the right to: Inspect player’s eye & face protection at any time.

Weapon/General Safety:

Here are the rules stipulated with regard to weapon safety at our airsoft field. This is all because safety is always a top priority in our outdoor paintball in New Jersey.

  1. DO NOT point an airsoft gun at anything you don‘t intend to shoot.
  2. DO NOT discharge an airsoft gun in any location other than designated  areas.
  3. Shooting Areas are: On-Field and Chrono Station.
  4. If a player is found to be continually shooting in the NON Designated areas they will be escorted off the premises for the  day.
  5. Keep your finger OFF the trigger & trigger guard until you are on the  field and ready to shoot.
  6. Point all airsoft guns at the ground when not in play.  
  7. Upon entering the field NO Magazine will be loaded into the airsoft gun  until instructed by a referee.
  8. Do not move objects found on the field or inside buildings to create cover or to barricade entryways.
  9. Before leaving the playing field – Magazines MUST be removed, weapons cleared (shooting any remaining bbs out of the gun) and placed on safe.
  10. All AEGs must have a barrel blocking device (Barrel Cover)


✓ Hits are defined as any BB strike on your person or gear.
✓ Friendly Fire counts! Check your targets!  
✓ If two players fire simultaneously and both are hit, BOTH players are out,  NOT the player who says hit first.  
✓ Gun hits to the barrel or body of the gun count as a hit.  
✓ Knife kills are ONLY allowed with a rubber training knife.
✓ A Knife kill is gentle taps on the shoulder. NO jabs, stabs, swipes or  throwing.  
✓ When hit, immediately yell out HIT as loud as you can or place your red  rag in a visible area. This will prevent you from being hit a second time.  
DO NOT call players out on the opposite team. If a player is not calling their  hits you need to notify a referee.  
✓ If you see a player get hit on your team, but he doesn‘t feel it, let him know.
✓ Dead men do not talk, give away positions or do anything other than lie  dead. If a player continues to give away other player’s position then they will be escorted off the premises for the day. 
Blind Fire – Shooting without the ability to see what you are shooting at.  The most common form of this is sticking your gun over or around cover and  firing without looking at where you are shooting. Please notify a referee, if it  has not yet been dealt with, that a player is not sustaining this rule. If a player continues this behavior they will be escorted off the premises for the day.

Smoke Grenades

Only EG or Sport Smoke Smoke Grenades are allowed. Please check with the referee before the start of a game if you want to use a smoke grenade.
  1. Smoke Grenades CANNOT be thrown in a  building, on roofs or in any brush of any kind.
  2. They CANNOT be picked up after they have started burning to be placed  in a new spot.
  3. If you are using any type of grenade please pick up the trash. That  means C02 and shells and any already burned smoke grenades. If you  are caught leaving your trash on the field you will also be asked to stop  using grenades for the day.

Hand Grenades:

  1. Defined as: Gas grenades designed for field use. All grenades must be  purchased. NO homemade or foam grenades will be allowed. 
  2. If you are caught throwing a grenade overhand when it is not allowed,  you will not be allowed to use grenades of any kind for the remainder of  the day.
  3. NO Modifying of grenades to make heavy or putting bbs or rocks in them (if found, you will be removed off the premises for the day with the possibility of being BANNED)
  4. Grenades have a 10 ft kill radius
  5. All grenades have a 5 foot wrap around when it lands or goes off at the corner of a building or in a doorway.
  1. When throwing a grenade alert a ref that you are throwing it that way we can see where it lands.
  1. If you fumble a grenade and it hits the ground you are dead. 
Also if you throw it and it hits an object near you within that radius you are dead.
  1. DO NOT pick up any grenade after it has been thrown and try to reuse it.


What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport where players engage in simulated gun combat, (not too dissimilar to paintball), with guns that fire 6mm plastic bbs. Where airsoft differs from paintball is that airsoft is much more focused towards military simulation. The players will also, for the most part, be more dedicated to dressing in more realistic military gear, including vests and sometimes helmets, in order to look more “realistic”. The games are team based with teammates working together to eliminate the other team or complete objectives.

How does it work when I arrive?

When you first come in you will head over to the check-in counter to fill out a waiver (previous waivers are good for one year) and sign in to the field. Once checked in, you will proceed inside the building to purchase a rental package if you are already not self-equipped. The staff will guide you to the staging area where the referees will proceed to get games started. Games run for approximately 10-15 minutes, with a 5 minute break in between.

How are the games run?

Games run for approximately 10-15 minutes, with a 5 minute break in between. The games are run by referees, who explain the game modes, organize teams, and watch over the players. There are always 1-2 referees at the time, to ensure everything runs smoothly. We have a wide variety of game modes which referees will cycle through.

Do I need a reservation to play?

No reservations required. Walkins are always welcome. Airsoft is available for public play every Sunday of the week.

How do I dress?

The most important piece of gear is eye and face protection. We recommend long pants, sneakers or boots, and long sleeved shirts. For extra protection we also recommend hoodies to protect the back of your head and gloves for your hands. Hats or helmets are also a good idea. We also offer a Pro-Shop with various protective airsoft gear.

What do I need to bring with me?

If this is your first time playing, you will need to fill out a waiver on arrival. We always have them available on site. If you have your own gear, we require full-seal full face protection and an airsoft gun that shoots under 400FPS with .20 gram BBs. Barrel socks (available in-store) are also required and a case (or suitcase or bag of some sort) to bring the gun in. We suggest you dress appropriately for airsoft. For questions on how to dress, refer to the previous question.

Is it safe?

Safety is our #1 priority at Pinnacle Airsoft. 1-2 referees will always be present on the field to ensure the safety of the players. Full-seal face protection is always a requirement to avoid any serious injuries.

Does it hurt?

It will sting a fair amount on bare skin and feel even worse on a finger, or an ear in the cold. However, there are plenty of opportunities to reduce the pain experienced. For this reason, we recommend that you dress appropriately.

How do you know if you’re hit?

One of the best things about airsoft is that it’s a sport based on honesty. When you’re shot by another player, there’s no mark from paint, so it’s down to the player and their honesty to call themselves out. This creates an honor system amongst players. Also, BB's fire at a high enough velocity that you will feel a firm hit on your gear to recognize that you are hit.

Can I come alone? If so, how do I join a team?

You can come alone or in a group. The referees will divide everyone who is playing into two equal teams based on numbers and skill level. When possible, referees will keep groups that come together on the same team.

What is the age requirement to play airsoft?

The age limit to play at our park is 10 and up.

Can I get dropped off by my parents if I bring in a signed waiver, or do my parents have to stay?

As long as your waiver is complete or already in the system, your parents can drop you off and leave.

Is there food available on site?

Food trucks are available every weekend. Refer to our info menu to see the food truck schedules. There is also places nearby that offer food delivery.

Do you have a gun tech?

Yes, we have a gun tech available for repairs and upgrades on personal airsoft guns. Call during business hours for inquiries.