Frequently Asked Questions

General Paintball Questions

There are two ways to play paintball.

Option 1 – Walk-ons aka Open Play:

-No reservation Required! Walk-ons welcome every Saturday and Sunday (check website for current hours)

-Bring as many players as you like or show up solo.  Walk-ons are mixed together to form one big group for epic games on all of our different playing fields.

Option 2 – Book a Private Party:

-Reservation required at least 72 hours in advance.

-Private parties will not mix in with any other players, completely private games!  Ideal for birthday parties, corporate team building and other group occasions.

-Click here to make a private group reservation

First of all, reservations are required ONLY for private groups. Anyone is welcome to play as a “walk on” and mix in with the other beginner or advanced players at the park every Saturday & Sunday without a reservation! If you’re looking for a private paintball event, where you only play amongst yourselves, a reservation is required.  As long as you get in touch with us a minimum of 72 hours in advance, you can make a reservation for your next paintball birthday party, corporate outing, or just a fun event at Pinnacle Paintball Park any day of the week!

To make a reservation, book through our website here.

Paintballs are designed to be as pain-less as possible!  We like to compare it to getting flicked with a rubber band.  As long as you have your arms & legs covered with pants and a long sleeve t-shirt, you’ll be fine.

Our paintball park carries premium grade paintballs and rental equipment.  We ask for all of our customer’s safety that only our paintballs are used at Pinnacle Paintball Park.  Players are welcome to bring their own paintball guns, goggles and other playing equipment.  Any player caught bringing in paintballs not sold by Pinnacle will be ejected immediately without refund and may be subject to a permanent ban from our paintball park.

YES! Pinnacle Paintball Park is open rain or shine.  Paintball is awesome in the rain 🙂

YES!  For our safety and yours, all players are required to fill out a waiver every time they play paintball at Pinnacle Paintball Park.  Parents (or someone over 18) must sign all minor’s waivers.  Waivers are all digital (no need to print) and can be filled out directly on our website here.

The minimum age to play paintball or airsoft is 10 years old.

Yes. HPA(High Pressure Air) tanks can be refilled. Sorry, Co2 is not available at this time.

Yes. You can bring your own gear. You will need a barrel cover for your equipment.

Yes, the paintball is a round gelatinous capsule filled with a non hydrogenated oil, colored by a nontoxic non-caustic, water soluble and biodegradable colored dye (food coloring). A change of clothes is always advisable to keep your vehicle clean.

You must be at least 10 years of age to play at our facility. Kids that play hockey, soccer, and/or lacrosse tend to enjoy paintball. Players under the age of 18 need a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Click here to fill out our digital waiver.

No. Pinnacle Paintball Park welcomes all individual players during walk-on hours (aka Open Play) which are Saturdays and Sundays from 9am – 4pm.

Long sleeve shirts and pants are highly recommended as well as shoes or boots (open toed shoes are not permitted during play). Multiple layers of clothing will also help with the pain factor upon impact of paintballs.

The minimum safety equipment necessary is a paintball mask with mouth and ear protection. Other safety equipment is is also recommended but not required. Playground Paintball Park offers masks, padded vests, gloves, and neck protectors for our guests for an additional charge..

The gelatin capsule breaks on impact thus causing very little pain. We find that the pain is comparable to that of being flicked with a rubber band. Most players claim that the adrenaline rush while playing causes the impact to feel almost painless.

Paintball is basically like dodgeball. Only, in this game each player has a gun that fires gelatin capsules filled with a water-soluble marking dye (washable). If you’re shot and marked, you’re out of the game and have to wait until the next one starts. The most common variation is two teams at opposite ends of a field. The object is eliminate the other team. When you encounter people on the other team, you try to tag them out before they get you. Pretty simple and lots of fun.

It Depends on how fast you pull your “trigger finger.” On average 200 paintballs should last 1-2 games.