Airsoft Operation: Hostage Rescue - November 2022


Timed Hostage Scenario Mission.

Perfect for team-building and co-operative strategies.

Date:  Sunday November 6th, 2022 – Doors Open 9am

Format:  2 Teams, Attack & Defend, Hostage Rescue


  • Entry to Sunday Scenario Game
  • All-Day Play



Terrorists have taken the Prime Minister hostage. SWAT officials have identified the location and conducted a Search & Rescue. The Terrorists demands include a large sum of money, the release of certain political prisoners, and for all foreign troops to be immediately withdrawn from their country. If their demands aren’t met within a certain timeframe, they will execute the Prime Minister. Your country has a strict “do not negotiate with terrorists” policy, so they’ve sent in your Recon SWAT Force. Your mission is to infiltrate the location, eliminate the hostage-takers, and free the Prime Minister.


Please, take a minute to read through these rules to limit any confusion on the field.

Hostage Rescue is played in 2 separate 30 minute periods. In each of the 2 periods your team will be doing 1 of the following:

  1. Defending the Hostage inside the Castle as the Terrorist Team.
  2. Attacking the Castle as the SWAT Team and rescuing the Hostage before the 30 minute timer is up.

This scenario mission will be a time trial. The Attacking Team with the best time will be the winner.

You will have a chance to both attack and defend during the OP.

Included with your ticket is participation in the 1-hour OP and all-day open play.

SWAT TEAM (Attackers):

  • Attackers have constant insertion.
  • Unlimited respawn in the back of D-Block (Outside Castle).
  • Once eliminated you must report to your spawn point.


  • Your goal as SWAT is to escort the Hostage to the Extraction
  • SWAT Team is encouraged to complete their objective quickly to achieve the lowest time.
  • The Hostage is represented as a weighted dummy.
  • The Extraction Point is at the SWAT Team’s spawn location (D-Block).
  • The Hostage must be carried in a SWAT member’s hand(s).
  • A SWAT member cannot drag, pull or throw the Hostage.
  • If a SWAT member is shot while carrying the Hostage, the Hostage must be placed down and the SWAT member is eliminated.
  • Once a Hostage has been delivered to the Extraction Point, the Hostage is considered rescued and the SWAT Team wins the round.

TERRORISTS (Defenders):

  • Prior to the start of the game, the Terrorist team may hide the hostage anywhere in their base.
  • Terrorists cannot respawn (Single elimination)
  • Once eliminated, proceed to the kill-box until the game restarts.
  • Terrorists cannot exit the Castle unless eliminated.


  • Your goal as the Terrorists is to prevent the SWAT Team from rescuing the Hostage.
  • If the timer is up and the SWAT Team does not get the Hostage, the Terrorists win the game.


  • SEMI-AUTOMATIC ONLY for both teams.
  • SWAT is allowed to use Snipers. Snipers cannot enter the Castle and can only shoot behind the designated area (100ft minimum) in D-Block (SWAT Spawn). Snipers can enter Castle ONLY IF you have a side-arm (Pistol, SMG, Shotgun).

Important Rules to Follow / Remember:

  1. Your gun must Chrono 1.5 Joules – 400 FPS w/ .20 gram BBs
  2. No hanging arms or bodies outside of Castle Windows. Shooting straight up or straight down is strictly prohibited.
  3. General: Players may not move bunkers. Players are also barred from altering or dismantling in-field structures or buildings. Participating players will have an event wristband. It’s reasonable to assume that not every possible outcome or circumstance will be covered by these rules. No one should assume that just because it’s not in print, that anything becomes permissible. It is for this reason that Pinnacle Paintball Park reserves the right to change or modify these rules for the purpose of safety or fairness.